Code Rangers love to learn - check out our coding projects

The moustaches are invading!


Students had a lot of fun recently exploring bitsbox. We love bitsbox as it's a great introduction to javascript, and allows you to make fun games and animations while transitioning to typed code and learning the importance of accuracy and correct syntax. We created some games which don't necessary make a lot of sense but are super fun to play! Defend our kitty from the moustaches here:


Killara Kids go live in the google play store!


We're using app inventor this term with our senior students to create android apps. Our Killara after school group decided on a Donald Trump art theme, and now the app is live and available for download here:


May the fourth be with you...

Who knows what day May the Fourth is? International Star Wars day of course! Our students had a bit of fun this week creating star wars inspired project.


Christmas Music Coding Challenge

We laid down a challenge this week for students and parents to use music in a festive scratch project. We looked at how to play notes in scratch, then it was over to them. Which project do you prefer? Click the green flag to explore two great ideas. Be sure to click the doves and mouseover the coloured tiles for full effect!

Watch Scratch projects come to life 

Our amazing tutor K arranged for students' beautiful art creations made in scratch to be 3D printed. The results - gorgeous! 

Back to binary basics

Our amazing tutor Cam delivered what the students wanted this term - Minecraft! But in an amazing way. Using redstone conductive blocks, students learned to create logic gates, circuits, and even calculators that could compute binary addition! 


Stop Motion Using Scratch

We can't really take the credit for this one as RangerKB did this in his own time! But take a look at the wonderful use of scratch to create a stop motion animation of solving the rubiks cube.


Halloween is coming! 

Lets get spooky Code Rangers. We've laid down a challenge to our students to create a Halloween game or animation. Here's RangerGS's project - can you navigate Mr Polar to the candies at the top of the screen, avoiding the flying ghouls and bats? 


NCSS Challenge

It's been a challenging few weeks for the older Code Rangers, as they take part in Grok Learning's NCSS Challenge. They've been exploring the Python programming language, and honing their computational thinking skills. A special shout out goes to Achi - one of our youngest Code Rangers (year 3) who's currently coming second place on the leaderboard ! Well done, it's fantastic to see the results of all that hard work.

Tech Girls Rock!

One fabulous group of girls at Code Rangers have joined the quest to become the next Tech Girl Superhero. What an adventure! The girls are working on their first app: they've developed a business plan, tested the market, are busy on their pitch, not to mention coding up their app. Well done girls!


Term 3 and we've had fun exploring kano computing's make art app. Here's a screen grab of the code and the beautiful creation!


Term 2 is over! Congratulations all our Code Rangers on creating some great projects

Here in Sydney this week everyone is loving the Vivid Festival - so we've decided to create our own sound and light show at Code Rangers. Have a go remixing our Vivid Sydney project and add more lights, colour, and sound.


Paper Planes - can you guide the plane through the game?

We're talking about paper planes at Code Rangers this week - testing our coding skills and seeing if we can guide the paper plane along the red line by using code. Scroll through the levels in the block below, and if you want to take the challenge head to the scratch website where you can add your code.


RangerPL did a great job figuring out level 9 of our Paper Plane challenge - fantastic work! 

Pixel Art


We're working on a pixel art generator. It uses a nice loop to place blocks in a row, some rounding so that the blocks stick in a grid pattern, and variables to control the colour choice - great effort on the farmyard scene RangerIO! Have a look:

Interactive Grid


This great project by tutor Kany allowed the children to create nested loops to place dots across their screen. Next, we added interactivity so that dots closest to the mouse change colour and grow. Students had a great time customizing their grids with graphics and music. Click the green flag above to have a go yourself - once the project opens, press space to create the grid, and move your mouse around the screen.

Making games interactive: Keep the ball up

We planned to create a game in class where a creature fell down the screen and we had to enable the video camera and use hand actions to keep the creature up. RangerJC seized on the idea of turning this into a soccer game instead and made it so much more fun! Play the game yourself at

Our HTML/CSS adventure

A group of brave year 5 and 6 coders learned to build a webpage recently. It was a quick introduction to the world of HTML/CSS, embeddable videos, GIFS, and crazy formatting!  You can see their efforts on the Coderangers Club website or click the image below:

Adventures in Minecraft

School holidays presented an opportunity to try something new. We ran our first workshop combining the python programming language with minecraft. Over a 3 hour session our students were able to write their first lines of code in python, and see the results in minecraft - the squeals in the room were deafening!


Term 1 2015: Virtual Pets using Scratch 

Scratch is a great language to start with: no syntax errors, drag and drop code blocks which can be combined in infinite variations, and an open ended platform for girls and boys to bring their ideas to life.

We've started the year thinking about virtual pets: girls and boys create a pet, create a food source and a background. Then we think about what makes us more hungry and less hungry, and create a variable to keep track of hunger. Pets get something to play with, and if they're lucky using the video camera we can also give them a pat. 4 weeks isn't long to create a new world, but all the students are well underway and can keep working on their new worlds from home.

Puppy Project

RangerEG created an interactive world for her puppy with bananas, a trampoline, and the ability to pat the puppy using the video camera. That wasn't enough! Learning about lists, RangerEG added 2 lists and, using random numbers, the puppy gives us compliments with the click of a button. Click through the photo to see the project in all it's interactive glory. Well done RangerEG!

Dino Pets

RangerED did an amazing job finding images of dinosaurs and a great backdrop, then painstakingly editing and manipulating the images to bring the dino back to life and make him walk. Wonderful sound effects and gory blood just add to the overall jurassic mood. Click through to see the project if you dare. Great work RangerED!

The maths/music connection

RangerZR has been spending a lot of time at band recently, and wanted to have a go at transposing one of his pieces into scratch code - way to go RangerZR! Click through to listen his first digital composition.