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Exploring our world - micro:bits

We've spent a lot of time this term exploring our environment with the help of a micro:bit - a mini computer programmable with either drag-and-drop code or python. The compass, thermometer, radio and transmitter have meant lots of time outdoors testing code and learning about our surrounds.

STEM comes to life

Students are learning about simple circuits in the classroom, so at Code Rangers we asked our coders to create a Scratch project to teach others what they've learned. Can you make the lightbulb glow? Try it at


The moustaches are invading!

Students had a lot of fun recently exploring bitsbox. We love bitsbox as it's a great introduction to javascript, and allows you to make fun games and animations while transitioning to typed code and learning the importance of accuracy and correct syntax. We created some games which don't necessary make a lot of sense but are super fun to play! Defend our kitty from the moustaches here:

          Scratch projects come to life 

Our amazing tutor K arranged for students' beautiful art creations made in Scratch to be 3D printed. The results - gorgeous! 


From 2d to 3d - Hologram Experiments

With just a smart phone or tablet and some plastic sheets we've brought our 2d Scratch animations to life as beautiful holograms.



Back to binary basics

Our amazing tutor Cam delivered what the students wanted this term - Minecraft! But in an amazing way. Using redstone conductive blocks, students learned to create logic gates, circuits, and even calculators that could compute binary addition! 


Stop Motion Using Scratch

We can't really take the credit for this one as RangerKB did this in his own time! But take a look at the wonderful use of scratch to create a stop motion animation of solving the rubiks cube.

Code + Art

We've had fun exploring kano computing's make art app. Here's a screen grab of the code and the beautiful creation!


Pen challenge - can you complete the levels?

We're testing our coding skills and seeing if we can use the pen in Scratch to complete some simple (and not so simple) shapes. Head to the scratch website where you can try for yourself.

Pixel Art

We're working on a pixel art generator. It uses a nice loop to place blocks in a row, some rounding so that the blocks stick in a grid pattern, and variables to control the colour choice - great effort on the farmyard scene RangerIO! Have a look:


Making games interactive: Keep the ball up

We planned to create a game in class where a creature fell down the screen and we had to enable the video camera and use hand actions to keep the creature up. RangerJC seized on the idea of turning this into a soccer game instead and made it so much more fun! Play the game yourself at


Adventures in Minecraft

School holidays presented an opportunity to try something new. We ran our first workshop combining the python programming language with minecraft. Over a 3 hour session our students were able to write their first lines of code in python, and see the results in minecraft - the squeals in the room were deafening!