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Web resources to get kids started with coding

At Code Rangers we love open ended tools to teach coding that allow children to explore concepts in a way that's engaging for them. In one class we may create a game with exactly the same underlying "engine" but for one child it's about unicorns spraying kisses and for another it's about rockets shooting lasers.  

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have created amazing tools to teach children the basics of computational thinking and beyond, that embrace this open ended learning environment. 

Start with scratch jr - an ipad app - for ages 4 and up. Children have a great time dragging and dropping blocks into sequences to tell stories and have fun.

Next, move on to the full version of scratch - this requires a laptop or desktop and has great starter projects, a community based around shared projects, and the ability to create some amazing projects.

If you're ready to create real apps (android only at this stage) and you love the drag and drop interface of scratch, move on to the MIT App Inventor - need to create a database for your sports team? A cool pong game using your phone's motion sensor? A shared calendar? It's all possible.

Where could your coding take you?

At Code Rangers we love success stories and here's a great one - begging her parents to go to space camp at age 7, and now Europe's ground controller for the International Space Station:  A wonderful story about girls, science and chasing a dream