We'll bring coding to your school, your way, hassle free.

We know how to teach kids to code

We love working with #kidswhocode of all ages, and support teachers that want to get kids coding. Find the option that suits below, or get in touch to talk to us about a customized approach for your school.


All of our professional development courses are hands on and practical - we leave you ready to code, with the skills and resouces you need to get started. We can give you impartial advice based on our experience and what you want to achieve at your school. We allow plenty of time for questions and our friendly follow up support means even the question you remember the next morning gets answered.

We embrace a CS+X approach, or 'coding to learn'. This means we're not teaching coding for the sake of coding - we're teaching coding to explore our world, to solve problems, and to create digital content that's meaningful, relevant and has context. This opens students' eyes to a world of possibilities and discovery, and can even take you around the world.

Browse our student work and blog pages for examples of what our students create with code. 

Teacher PD:  Starting with Code: A hands-on introduction to coding for primary school teachers (1 hour, accredited)

This one hour workshop for teaching and learning staff answers the big questions about introducing coding to your school:

  • what is coding, and why the emphasis on it?
  • what does coding look like in the classroom?
  • are coding and computational thinking the same thing?
  • starter resources to get coding with students.

Completing this course will contribute 1 hour of NESA Registered PD addressing standard descriptor 6.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Available on site at your school or as advertised.

Bringing Coding into the Classroom - Teacher PD (3 hours, accredited)

A hands on introduction to coding and integrating coding into other learning areas for primary school teachers.

Over 3 hours you will:

· learn what coding is, where it sits in the curriculum and where to find great resources for teaching coding and computational thinking

· code: create your first project using visual programming

· plan: develop a lesson integrating coding into another key learning area.

Completing this course will contribute 3 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing standard descriptors 6.2.2 and 2.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Please bring a laptop + NESA registration number. Light refreshments will be provided.

Teacher PD + Student Coding (3 hours + ongoing classroom support)

When you're ready to implement coding in your classroom, our PD + Coding package delivers:

  • Bringing Coding into the Classroom professional development session (3 hours NESA Accredited professional development)
  • Lesson plans for your chosen coding module (Scratch, Micro:bits, Python, Web Development, Javascript) 
  • The option to have a Code Rangers teacher visit your school weekly to deliver coding lessons or support you in delivering lessons
  • Ongoing support available by email / video to ensure your coding class runs smoothly

Coding Lesson Plans

If you're ready to code and you're looking for ideas about what to do with your students we have a wealth of resources available, covering Scratch, Micro:bits, Python, Web Development, and Javascript.


Classroom Coding

 Our teachers can come to you and deliver weekly, fortnightly or one off coding classes. We can offer coding classes for students from stage 2 to 5. We'll tailor our classes to support your students and their other learning areas, and invite your teachers to attend and learn alongside the students.


Incursions are a fabulous way to get all of your students coding in a fun, emmersive environment. Full and half day coding workshops will see students develop a digital animation or game, website or quiz that can be saved and shared with friends or family.

STEM clubs and after school programs 

Our after school programs have an emphasis on fun and discovery. We encourage collaboration, team work, and fun hands on learning to spark an interest in coding and all things STEM. We can help you get your STEM club up and running, or do the heavy lifting and run a full program at your school.


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