Find out more about Code Rangers 

Q: Where do you run workshops?

We run workshops for teachers or students at your school in the computer lab, library or staff room.  We also run workshops throughout the year which individual teachers can sign up to at convenient locations. You'll find details of those over at our Upcoming Events page.

If you're looking for before and after school classes for your child, you'll find the details at our For Parents page.

Q: What do you do at a teacher workshop?

Before a professional development workshop we discuss your training needs with you. We offer several courses which are accredited by NESA to allow New South Wales teachers to maintain their teacher accreditation. We also offer bespoke workshops to exactly meet your needs.

On the workshop day, we'll arrive ready to go with hands on activities, all the information you need to get coding in your classroom today, expertise on classroom resources, and plenty of enthusiasm.

We're available afterwards to answer follow up questions and keep up the coding momentum.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to a workshop?

Depending on you or your school's needs, we can provide laptops and other equipment to set up a mobile classroom at your preferred location. We also have robots, microbits, makey makey sets, minecraft trial accounts and other cool stuff to try in our workshops.

Q: Who leads the group?

Our chief coders are passionate about sharing their coding expertise. They have a range of backgrounds including teaching, coding, and tinkering. They all  hold a current NSW Working With Children Check and Code Rangers is fully insured.

Q: Are your workshops NESA accredited?

Yes, a number of our workshops are accredited by NESA to assist you in maintaining your professional accreditation.

Q: Are you coding workshops linked to the Australian Curriculum?

Yes. We speak both Australian and NSW curricula, can tell a visual programming language from a general one, and can put words like algorithm, branching and iteration into plain English.

Q: Do you need any prior coding knowledge?

Absolutely not! We'll work with you before your workshop to find out what you and your team already know, what you're looking to learn, and ensure we start where you're at and move at the right pace.

Q: Are the workshops suitable for both primary and high school teachers?

Yes! Coding is being introduced to our curricula at both primary and high school level, and we're brimming with ideas to get your students coding regardless of their age.

Q: Do you run workshops for students as well as teachers?

Yes. We have the flexibility to either teach the teachers, teach the students, or a combination of both. We'll deliver what ever makes sense to you, but ideally we'll work with teachers in all cases so that the coding knowledge we share at your school stays with you and you can boost coding across your school.

Q: I'm ready to book - what next?

Get in touch to talk about your school's training needs, or book into a workshop today.