Eight Questions You Can Answer with a Micro:bit

We love Micro:bits at Code Rangers. They're easy to code, they're cheap, and they don't need to be connected to a computer. When we use them in a classroom there is lots of collaboration, discussion and many 'a-ha' moments 💡.

We're often asked for ideas to create engaging coding projects. With an LED display, radio and sensors to explore there are so many interesting questions you can answer with simple coding and a micro:bit. Here are some to get you started with micro:bits in your classroom.

  1. What time of day is it? (Where is the sun in the sky? What direction are you facing?)
  2. Is it warmer inside or outside? (Using the thermometer.)
  3. Do I need headlights on? (What is the light level?)
  4. Are you good at sneaking (Using the accelerometer - is movement detected?)
  5. How fast are your reactions? (Using button press with a timer.)
  6. Are you nearby? (Using the radio function to create a beacon.)
  7. Do you know your times tables? (The LED display, with variables and button pushes.)
  8. Will I have a happy life? (Create a magic eightball using a list and a choosing a random item from the list.)

All of these projects can be made using only the micro:bit. Here is a great summary of the features of a micro:bit: http://microbit.org/guide/features/.  There is another whole world of amazing micro:bit ideas out there using craft materials and connecting other devices and equipment, we'll cover those in another post.

Coding microbits is simple, with drag-and-drop (or visual programming) available at the easy-to-navigate makecode website: https://makecode.microbit.org/.

How many sensors are being used in the video below? How are you using micro:bits with your students?