A Ten minute how-to for app building with Thunkable

At Code Rangers we're fascinated with language recognition and translation at the moment, with many of our students exploring chatbots and voice-activated personal assistants in class. 

We wanted to share a simple app project using Thunkable. When we sat down to write a step by step guide we realized it was SO simple a video worked even better. Follow along and in ten minutes you could have designed and coded a handy Android app to translate phrases between languages.  

We love to see kids create, taking ideas and owning them. This simple combination of one button, two labels, and three hidden components could become a way to learn counting in foreign languages, to communicate with a new child at school, or to help order in a restaurant. You can design the app to look any way with images and colours. The coding uses drag and drop, or visual coding, which is aligned to the Australian and New South Wales digital technologies curriculum for primary school students.

For a list of supported languages for the translate function head to this page.

For students looking for a challenge, how about using lists of languages to translate from and to, with a layout element like a drop-down menu to make the app more versatile?


We'd love to see what you come up with!