We love coding, and we love teaching kids to code too

Code Rangers teaches children to code. We believe coding is a new literacy - a key skill for this generation, and the sooner children learn, the easier and more intuitive it is. We put kids in charge of technology.

We teach kids to code face to face as we believe having help on hand and a supportive tutor makes it easier and fun to pick up key concepts.

We also support those teaching kids to code - through teacher professional development sessions and parent information nights.

Computers and technology are such a huge part of life these days, lets give our children the power to control computers rather than just consuming the outputs. Just like other languages, learning coding early and you'll have a skill for life.

We have skilled tutors at convenient locations who will teach the basics of coding in a fun way. One device provided per child, individual user names, so that you can track their progress as their skills develop. Projects can be shared at home, and skills practiced outside of our workshops.

Code Rangers was set up by Nicola O'Brien. It was set up to give children the opportunity to code and enjoy technology. She couldn't be prouder of all those children who have had 'a-ha' moments, whether it's writing their first line of code, or winning a national competition. 

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Q: Where do you run workshops?

Our workshops run in schools, after school care centres, and at Corporate HQs. We also run workshops which you can directly book into at various locations around Sydney.

Q: What do you do at a workshop?

Our beginners learn to code using  scratch. We can go in any direction - create an animation, a game, a useful tool ... wherever imagination takes us. While creating we are learning together. We spend time away from the screen learning coding and logic via games and activities. As children develop their skills we explore web design, microbits, python, app development and more. 

Q: Do I need to bring anything to a workshop?

No - we provide everything you will need - just bring an inquisitive mind and respect for your fellow coders. Laptops are provided in class.

Q: Who leads the group?

Our chief coders are passionate about sharing their love of code with your child. They have a range of backgrounds including teaching, coding, and tinkering. They all  hold a current NSW Working With Children Check.

Q: How many workshops should I come to?

As long as you want to learn, we'll be here to help! To keep our groups travelling along together we ask for a term by term commitment.