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Teaching kids to code and develop games, apps and stories since 2014

Code Rangers teaches your child to code - before and after school groups, holiday camps, and workshops tailored to meet your school's needs. Fun, collaborative - come and learn, create, and explore. We put kids in charge of technology.


The digital technologies curriculum is coming - are you ready?

We know how to teach kids to code

Robotic and coding sessions for stages 2, 3 and 4.

Incursions, workshops, and full lesson delivery.

Teacher professional development, hands on learning.

Clear lesson plans, linked to the new digital technologies curriculum.

Teachers, access some free ideas for coding in the classroom below!


Fun, creative

hands on learning

Write your first line of code today!

Have a go at coding yourself! Change colours, numbers and text below then click "run" to see the results!

At Code Rangers we love... 

I loved it so much I want to do it every morning before school!
— Katie, aged 9
He will definitely be back next term- this is by far his favorite activity
— Father of J, aged 11
When can we book in for next holidays? We love it!
— J & C, sisters, aged 12
She loved her first class, she’s been working on a project all weekend and can’t wait to showcase it next week
— Mother of S, aged 9